About Us

Vertex Laser is a global innovator of advanced laser solutions for the aesthetic and cosmetic markets.

Vertex Lasers is a New York City-based high-tech manufacturer and distributor of laser machines (see treatments here) that covers major cosmetic and medical treatments. We first started as laser technicians ourselves, then moved onto repairing and maintaining all types of cosmetic laser machines before finally establishing Vertex Lasers. This unique context put us in the best position to know exactly what clinics and spas are looking in a laser machine. We have been developing technology and designing laser machine that fits all the needs of laser hair removal clinics and spas. We now sell and supply laser machines both in the US and internationally.

Our mission is simple. To produce the best quality and most effective laser machines on the market. The laser marketing is ever growing and Vertex Lasers, as young yet ambitious and energetic brand, is here to supply that growing demand for laser equipment and disrupt the status quo. We aim to develop industry-leading laser machines that are easy to use while producing amazing results for customers. A young brand we are, but clinics are already trusting us and our technology. Will you join that list?


We are dedicated to constantly improving ourselves and to developing the most advanced laser machines to ensure our customers deliver outstanding results.

Our state-of-the-art technology solves major issues in the aesthetic and cosmetic industries, especially when it comes to laser hair removal. This gives us an edge over our competition and allows our customers to increase their own customer base and grow their client base.

  • For a long time it was believe that people of color could not undergo laser hair removal (or any other laser procedure) because the high melanin rate of their skin put their safety at risk, due to laser targeted pigments. Our laser technology guarantee safe laser procedures for dark and
    tanned skins.
  • Another misconception wants that laser machines do not work on fair hair since they are not able to target the hair, which does not hold much pigment. Let us prove you wrong on that front. Our laser technology allows to target blonde, ginger and grey hair, allowing fair haired
    customers to enjoy laser hair removal as well.
  • At Vertex Lasers, we want to encourage entrepreneurs to take the leap and small businesses to thrive. That is why we ensure that our pricing is fair and affordable to those who wish to start their own salon or to veterans of the laser industry. Our margin is lower so that we keep our pricing lower as well. We also offer financing options.

Technology for beauty

At Vertex Lasers, we guide you all the way to ensure you get the best start with our laser machines.


We wan to ensure that upon purchasing your first Vertex Lasers machine, you get the best experience using our technology. That is why we provide a free professional training at our training center. You will also get training materials which include a user manual detailing the operation process and precautions safety-wise.


Multiple beauty salon, dermatology clinics, medical institutes and laser spas have purchased and used Vertex Lasers machines, proving that we deliver on our promises. At Vertex Lasers we focus on high – tech quality laser machines with the features of easy to operate, fast and efficient. We offer a variety of cosmetic and medical laser machines available for different treatments: laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, Fractional CO2 resurfacing to name a few.

Vertex Lasers’ promise to you

Vertex Laser is New York City-based but operates at a global scale. If you are interested in oneof our laser machine but based abroad, we will export the machine and get it shipped to yourbusiness. All our laser machines are throughly tried and tested before shipment. We offer a one-yer warranty from date of reception during which you will get free repair should need be.

All our cosmetic laser machines undergo inspection to ensure they are operating properly and efficiently. This is a very vital step to our company and we apply extreme caution to ensure you are satisfied with our machines. If you are interested in a demo for any particular laser machine, feel free to request it and test it out to observe the quality.

Vertex Lasers’ goal is to provide customers with laser machine best suited for the needs of their practice. Buying laser equipment goes through thorough research, thinking and weighting all options available. Our company is here to provide you with the best advice to ensure you get the best machine for your practice.

We believe we provide the best option on the market as we offer state-of-the-art laser technology that solves issues previously known in the industry at a great price.

If you wish to learn more about Vertex Lasers or discuss the best option for your practice, you can contact us at +1 (509) 593-0559 or email us at info@vertexlase.com