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How To Ensure You Spa Gives The Best First Impression

Whomever said that the first impression does not count is very wrong. Of course it does. People form judgments in a few seconds after seeing something. That is a natural reflex against which no one can go. Sure, it is better to not judge a book by its cover but it is unavoidable. So instead of ignoring that fact or fight it, better go along with it and ensure your spa gives the first best impression possible.

While a shiny elaborate book cover will attract your eye and increase your likeliness of buying said book, a clean nicely decorated spa will have just the same effect. Would you step into a dark poorly lit spa? No you would not. A lot of people will decide whether to go somewhere depending on its good looks. It is thus crucial to give the best first impression. That’s how you make sure to attract clients.
Top tips to give the best first impression
1. Have an amazing website

A lot of things happen online these days. Even spas of all kinds will try to grow their presence online so that they get more people to find out about them. People spend a lot of their time on the internet, either browsing or scrolling social media. Using that behavior to your advantage can really help get your spa under more people’s radar. Some spas rely solely on internet advertising to attract more clients.

Having an amazing website that is beautifully designed, responsive, bright, quick to load and easy to navigate is one easy way to make a great first impression on your customers. People are attracted to pretty things and tend to close a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Your website will act as your first front window.

Furthermore, not only will a good performing website give a platform to potential customers to find out more about the services you offer. It will also increase your online visibility for free. A website will require some copywriting and SEO work, imaging and social media management. All of those are free marketing tools that can greatly help your business.
2. Set up a welcoming atmosphere

Let’s get back to what we talked about above: a well-lit welcoming spa. The first thing your clients will see upon entering your salon is the reception as well as the waiting area. More often than not, they are one same space. It is key that this space is warm, welcoming and relaxing.

One important thing is of course lighting. The room needs to be bright, well-lit and offer a sitting area as well. Should your client arrive earlier, they will want to sit down a bit. Having the opportunity to do so will improve their experience at your spa and associate it with positive feelings. As opposed to frustration should they had to stay up as they wait.

Lighting is important because a bright space contributes to making people feel at ease and happy. That is why walls should be white too. They can be decorated with some other colors sporadically but a bright wall will always work. As opposed to dark walls which will make the room look darker. Finally, a great smile on the receptionist’s face will also contribute to make your customer happy and feel welcome.
3. Have a great customer service

Customer service is the hardest job of all. Indeed, more often than not, customer service is what makes the different between a good and a bad experience. Sometimes, a client may have a negative experience but good customer service, attention provided to their case, a smile here and there, concerns for said client can go a long way.

It is important that as a spa owner, you train your front desk and receptionists to amazing customer service. There is an etiquette to follow when answering the phone, when picking a client call, when answering an email. Receptionists should always make eye contact with the client, small, speak in a comforting and attentive voice.

A great customer service will help improve the reputation of your spa and make the experience more memorable. It is indeed great customer service that will increase trust in your business and will contribute to making a great first impression. Indeed, your clients will know that they matter, they are being listen too and they can trust you to solve any issue that may arise.
4. Emphasize on hygiene standards

The type of spa you own does not matter. Laser, waxing, hair, etc. Something you should always emphasize on as a spa owner is hygiene and cleanliness. Laser spa provides procedures and treatments that are almost assimilated with medical treatments. It is thus essential that your place is pristine.

Seeing dirt or trash on the floor will not help your spa make a good impression at all. Ideally, your staff should wipe the floor twice a day to ensure everything is on point. Clients seeing dirt and garbage will question your hygiene standards and might be reluctant to carry on with your services. They might think that the dirt in the waiting area reflects the state of the treatment rooms.

Nothing must be on the floor. The counter must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. There should not be any food allowed at the front desk and in the waiting area. The toilet and bathroom should also be pristine. Even windows should be as clear as day. You do not want your customer’s first impression to associate your spa with a dirty place. That sort of bad news travels fast and may damage your spa’s reputation.
5. Listen to your customers’ needs

The best way to give an amazing first impression of your spa is to ensure your customers’ needs are met. Going above and beyond will help improve your reputation as well as make sure your customers are satisfied. Your staff must be trained on how to answer the most common questions that may arise about the services you offer.

Your clients need to trust that your staff knows what they are talking about and can provide answers when need be. It can be frustrating and even scary to be missing information on a procedure like laser hair removal, that remains for many quite mysterious. Your staff must also be trained to address the most common worries customers may have.

It is important that customers feel good and relaxed when they are at your spa. Being listened to by receptionists and laser technicians will contribute to making their experience amazing at your spa. It will also help make a very good first impression. When the customer leaves after their treatment, they must be happy and satisfied. It is important that everything they experience is associated with something positive.
In conclusion

Ensuring that your spa gives the best first impression possible relies on five main elements. It is crucial that your online platforms and assets are performing well and attractive. If your website looks dodgy, why should people go there? It is also important that your spa is welcoming and clean. Your receptionists must be polite, trained to answer any questions and deal with any situations, always make eye contact and be attentive to your clients’ needs.

The looks of a place will play a big role on making a good first impression. However, once this step is over, the next thing to ensure is beyond reproach is customer service. Always focus on having the best customer service you can.

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