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Why “Before And After” Pictures Attract More Customers

If you are a clinic or laser spa, your main selling argument is that you will help your clients be rid of their body hair forever. What guarantee do they have that you are telling the truth however? None. Except if they see “before and after” pictures of former customers of yours.

“Before and after” pictures are a marketing tool that you should not overlook as a small business owner. Indeed, it can prove very efficient at attracting new customers, help you grow your business and increase revenue at little to no cost. Here is why.
1. Before and after pictures create connection

One reason why “before and after” photos work so well is because they are relatable and therefore create connections. It is much easier to project yourself with a product or service when you can identify with the “before” bit and then see the “after” shot.

When a prospective client see those “before and after” pictures, the general feeling is that “if it worked for them, it will work for me too”. This works especially well for people on a budget looking for laser hair removal. Unfortunately, a laser treatment is still deemed very expensive.

A lot of laser spas however offer discounted packages and yearly laser bundles that are much more affordable. Then, a patient will be able to see what can be achieved with a budget similar to theirs. Seeing the results and knowing that the cost is within budget will help convince a prospect to buy the service.

A “before and after” picture creates connection through the power of identification. It is by far the simplest, fastest and most efficient sales technique to convince anybody that you are able to deliver results as a business.
2. They take a prospective customer on a journey

Using “before and after” pictures are a great way to showcase the transformation that a customer went through when using your service. There is a before, and there is an after. There is a start, and there is a destination. In between the two, there is a journey.

If you are a laser spa or providing a treatment occurring a few times before delivering the promised results, using photos before each treatment creates even stronger a statement.

Fitness companies will showcase changes in a patient every few weeks or month. Then, they show that you can see changes even at the beginning of the journey. It can also help convince a patient to go through with the treatment until the end as stopping mid-way would not prove as efficient.

Impressing a prospect is the best way to land them as a client. Showing how bad it was before the treatment, against how good it is now is even more striking! The results are more impressive than the journey but show that this journey is perfect.
3. They let you control the story

When you use “before and after” pictures on your social media or your website, not only do you decide what potential customers will see, but you also tell a story. Such pictures allow storytelling through imagery. It is much easier to tell a story through images than just say it.

It does not matter how good your business is at doing what it does if nobody knows about it. Or has proof that it can indeed deliver results. To be successful, a business must know how it is perceived by its customers and audience. Thus, it is important that the prospect thinks that the business can indeed deliver the promises results.

“Before and after” pictures allow you to control the story and the narrative. Thus, you create an image of what your business is about in the mind of customers and prospects. Therefore, you do not let them create themselves an image that may be flawed.

“Before and after” photos will help showcase to prospective clients that whatever you claim about your business is true. They will perceive that statement as truth. Therefore, they are more likely to believe you. And to become clients.
4. Before and after pictures show that you deliver results

The power of “before and after” pictures vastly vary on the industry your business operates in and the type of products or services you sell. If you make a promise towards a certain results, prospects have no way to believe you if they do not see such results firsthand.

That is where “before and after” pictures are so powerful. They act as social proof from previous customers. They show that you are to be trusted and that you stay true to your words. You deliver on your promises.

The pictures gives future customers guarantee that they are investing their money wisely in a service that delivers results, in a solution that works. For example, when it comes to laser hair removal, they will see the pictures of an underarm before the first treatment and after the last one.
5. They make testimonials more convincing

“Before and after” pictures allow for good storytelling through imagery, as mentioned above. Indeed, it is much easier to tell a story with images than just saying it. Human beings are visual creatures and much more likely to remember something they have seen over something they have heard.

90% of prospective customers will look for reviews online before trusting your business with their time and money. It is therefore important that you encourage previous customers to drop a review to share their experience.

Furthermore, having them post a review along with a “before and after” will prove even more striking and powerful a social proof. Real genuine people showcasing the beginning and end of their journey will be even more convincing to a prospective client.
In conclusion

“Before and after” pictures are a very powerful marketing tools as they provide a social proof, show that a company is holding their promises, showcasing results and taking prospective customers on a journey.

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