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vertex Lasers hair removal company
C02 Diamond
vertex Lasers hair removal company
vertex Lasers hair removal company
vertex Lasers hair removal company
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"We're thrilled to use Vertex Lasers machines at our location, Infinity Laser Spa. The machine provides amazing, quick results. Our customers satisfaction has been increasing ever since we went for the V-Frost."
"The V-Frost hand-piece offers great coverage and efficacy levels that we have never seen before. The design is great, the interface is user-friendly, it's super easy to use and the quality is amazing!"
Prime Laser Spa
"Vertex Lasers' V-Frost Nd:YAG laser allowed us to treat all skin complexions and hair type while substantially reducing pain or discomfort during the treatment. We couldn't be more satisfied with this investment!"
Spektrum Laser Spa

Vertex Lasers

Laser Machine Manufacturers – Based in New York City

Vertex Lasers is a New York City-based laser machine manufacturer. We provide professional laser devices at an affordable price and great quality